Importers and Stockists of Food Chemicals, Food Additives, Fine and Pharma Chemicals etc.
  Ammonium Bi Carbonate (China)Ammonium Bi Carbonate (China)
Ammonium Chloride Tech. 99.5%Ammonium Chloride Tech. 99.5%
Calcium PropionateCalcium Propionate
Citric Acid Mono / AnhydrousCitric Acid Mono / Anhydrous
Cocoa PowderCocoa Powder
D’ Limonene (Citrus Terpen)D’ Limonene (Citrus Terpen)
DCDA 99.5%DCDA 99.5%
Di Methyl FormamideDi Methyl Formamide
Finagel For Bakery CakesFinagel For Bakery Cakes
Formic Acid Formic Acid
Fumaric AcidFumaric Acid
Glycerin 99.5%Glycerin 99.5%
Glyceryl Mono Stearate (G.M.S.)Glyceryl Mono Stearate (G.M.S.)
Lactic AcidLactic Acid
Lemon Oil 4% CitralLemon Oil 4% Citral
M.D.C. (Methylene Di Chloride)M.D.C. (Methylene Di Chloride)
M.S.G. (Ajinomoto)M.S.G. (Ajinomoto)
Malic Acid Malic Acid
Orange Oil Brazilu PectinOrange Oil Brazilu Pectin
Phosphoric Acid 85% Tech.Phosphoric Acid 85% Tech.
Potassium SorbatePotassium Sorbate
Propylene GlycolPropylene Glycol
Sodium BenzoateSodium Benzoate
Sodium Bi CarbonateSodium Bi Carbonate
Sodium LactateSodium Lactate
Sodium Meta Bi SulphiteSodium Meta Bi Sulphite
Sodium SaccharineSodium Saccharine
Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous
Sodium Tripolyphosphate (S.T.P.P)Sodium Tripolyphosphate (S.T.P.P)
Sorbic AcidSorbic Acid
Stearic Acid Stearic Acid
Tartaric AcidTartaric Acid
Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide
Xanthan GumXanthan Gum


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