Excerpts of an interview with
Shri Satish Wagh, Chairman, Chemexcil
by Global Inquiry Magazine Team

What is the role of Chemexcil for Indian Chemical Industry ?
The CHEMEXCIL plays a committed, complementary and catalyst role in promoting the exports of
Chemical groups items covered under its purview viz: Dyes, Basic Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Pesticides, Soaps, Detergents, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Essential oils and Castor Oil.

How many members Chemexcil have?
Chemexcil has 3600 members.

What is the role of Chemexcil in encouraging exports from India?
Chemexcil has been eminently successful in projecting Brand India image overseas as a supplier of high quality raw materials for dyes & dye intermediates, organic & inorganic chemicals, cosmetics & toiletries, etc.

Chemexcil has created the necessary infrastructure as well as marketing& information facilities
which are availed of by both member-exporters / importers.

To highlight India capability to offer a steady and sustainable supply of low cost international quality products, the Council has been participating in various specialised trade fairs in LAC, ASEAN, AFRICAN, CIS & European Countries.

To provide a unique opportunity to major buyers and to interact with our member-exporters for
sourcing their products requirements from India, the Council has been sponsoring high powered
trade delegation to promising & potential markets.

To have a first hand view of the state of the art facilities, quality of the products being
manufactured under stringent procedures the Council would be inviting buying delegations and
organise their visit to manufacturing facilities of indian companies.

In order to assist importers in locating an appropriate seller and provide up- to- date readily
available information, the Council has brought out buyers guide for dyes & dye intermediates,
chemicals, cosmetics and in Councils various events, these product publications are distributed free of charge. The Council is in the process of updating these publications which will be ready by next month.

To create awareness & enhance export growth, the Council organise number of educative
seminars / workshop / open house meets on export marketing, Exim policy, anti-dumping, procedure documentation, awareness programmes on focus countries, MDA, etc.

What is the India's share in World Chemical Export?
India's share in the World Chemical Export is 2%

What qualities and characteristics a foreign importer look for
in Indian Exporters?

The foreign importer look for international quality products manufactured in state-of art
manufacturing facilities at most competitive rates, which are delivered to the end customers

What is the percentile success rate of Chemexcil in numbers?
The growth rate of exports for the last five years have been between 20-25% for all the products falling under the purview of the Council.

What are forward plan and targets of Chemexcil for next five years?
Even in this downturn in economic scenario of world over, Chemexcil has maintained the same
growth rate. We are optimistic there would be an addition of 10% every year.

Do you encourage import substitute chemical manufacturing in India?
As Chairman of Chemexcil, I strongly feel that import substitute in chemical manufacturing would always benefit India the way Reliance has put backward integration in India.

Are you personally satisfied with China's achievement and growth pertaining to Chemical Industry for last five years?
In my opinion, China has gone ahead very methodically by putting up bulk manufacturing units.
However,India has edge over China in Speciality Chemicals where knowledge and skill are of
paramount importance.

Do you think we can adopt China's Success Model? If yes, how?
We can not adapt in totality the Chineese success model as the two countries are geographically and politically different.

the years 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12

What are the last word of your advise to Indian Entrepreneurs?
As Chairman of CHEMEXCIL I would like to advise my fellow exporters of Chemicals that they should spread their wings and look for new destinations for exports. In my opinion, even if the Indian market is big, we should not rely upon our indigenous supply base but excel in exports.